WWTP Ataköy, Istanbul, Turkey

ALEBRO polyelectrolyte preparation units in WWTP Ataköy

Since April 2010, one of our polyelectrolyte preparation units has been in the sewage works of the busy metropolis Istanbul. Its total preparation capacity is 18.000 l/h.

The preparation unit supports the sewage treatment process in one of the biggest Turkish sewage works WWTP Ataköy which over two million people are connected with. (After overall completion sewage treatment capacity up to 500 000 m³/d)



Storage / preparation / dosing of ready-to-use polyelectrolyte solution


Scope of services:

According to state-of-the-art, polyelectrolyte preparation units are counted among the most important systems in sludge dewatering processes.

The core of the unit are our four polyelectrolyte preparation systems MixLine 7300-6000, the post-dilution systems MX7-9-2500 and MX7-8-10000 as well as the storage system for liquid polymers with a volume of 40 m3.

17 Netzsch eccentric screw pumps feed GEA Westfalia Separator centrifuges with polyelectrolyte solution. The centrifuges are used for dewatering and coagulating of sludge. All pumps are automatically controlled in proportion to the sludge flow rate. Their operations are monitored continuously.