MixLine 7200 – flocculants and salt solution preparation

MixLine 7200 is a full-automatic two-chambered solution preparation system for preparation of polyelectrolyte solutions or salt solutions from aluminium hydroxychloride, aluminium sulphate, iron sulphate, potassium permanganate and others. The solution preparation system is completely mounted and DIN/VDE certified. The preparation occurs according to batch or tandem preparation principle and in a continuous or discontinuous process.

MixLine 7200P
Mode of operation:
batch principle

According to this principle MixLine 7200 prepares the chemical solution in a tank which is separated in two chambers. Moistening, dissolving, repining and withdrawal (dosing) occur successively in the first as well as in the second chamber - but time-shifted. That means that during the filling and dissolution process in the first chamber, the matured solution of the second chamber can be withdrawn. There is no mixture of freshly added and matured solution. (Ideal, if absolutely matured solutions are required.)

MixLine 7200D
Mode of operation:
tandem principle

The chemical solution is being prepared in the upper dissolving chamber. After the preparation of the dry material or liquid concentrate in the upper chamber the recently filled in solution ripens there.

Afterwards, the transfer valve opens and the ripened solution streams in the lower dosing chamber but not until this one is completely emptied from previous solution. As long as the dosing chamber is not empty the transfer valve remains closed (fill level is above the boundary level MIN).

After the transfer process the transfer valve closes and the filling process restarts.

Using this dissolving method it can be guaranteed that the solution ripens completely.

The solution preparation system MixLine MX 7200 is composed of:

  • 2-Chamber-Tank
    Water unit: lateral
    Withdrawal / emptying: rear
  • Agitator in the dissolving and maturing chamber
    Material of the wave: 1.4571
    Material of the propeller: 1.4571
    Brand of the motor: AC Motoren
  • Dry material feeder (1.4301) equipped with a heatable dosing pipe, which inhibits the intrusion of humidity into the dosing hopper, and a capacitive dry material level sensor
    Brand of the gear motor: NORD
  • dry material inlet pipe made from PPH without flushing to inhibit the settling of polymers
  • Water unit with sprinkling system incl. shut-off valve, pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve
    Water meter: 24VDC, 14W
  • Non-contact, continuous ultrasonic level sensor (dry run, min., max., overflow)
  • Control panel 600 x 600 x 210 mm
    Power supply: 230/400 V, 50 Hz
    Equipped with PLC from Siemens S7-1200 and touch screen display, which provides menu navigation in the form of process screens and plain text for configuration of the solution preparation system, parameter menu and commissioning process, an operation and failure display incl. help/information output.
    Multi-lingual Touch display: German, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese
    Pot. free contacts: composite error, lack of dry material, dry run

Process conditions:

Solution concentration:0.05% - 0.60% (default setting)
Flocculant:0.01% - 1%
Salt solutions:1% - 30% (other concentration acc. agreement and design)
Operating pressure of the process water:in the range of 1.0 to 10 bar
Max. allowable viscosity:

2500 mPas (basic version)
5000 mPas (version with gear agitator)

Under References you can find some customers, which use our solution preparation system MixLine 7200, e.g. solution preparation system MixLine 7200 in the waterworks Alchevsk.