Storage and dosing station for chemical precipitation


The storage and dosing stations for precipitants are mainly needed for the chemical phosphate precipitation and sulphate precipitation in order to improve the settling properties of sludge, reduce odour or pollutants in sewage sludge and much more. For the phosphate precipitation iron salts and aluminium salts are used in most cases.

The complete storage and dosing station for precipitants are designed according to the Water Resources Act (WHG) § 19 of the Federal Government and, if requested by the customer, to the regulations of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). Thus guarantees safe storage and dosing of precipitants. The process runs automatically from the withdrawal up to the dosing according to customer’s specifications.

Our storage and dosing station for chemical precipitation is custom-planned and –made. Prefabricated units are delivered to the operation site so that the installation and commissioning on site can be preformed in a fast and cost-saving manner. The station is completely piped and cabled including switch and control cabinet and checked to the DIN/VDE norms.

Main components of storage and dosing station for chemical precipitation:

  • Double-walled cylindrical tank made from PE-100 helically wound pipe or single-walled storage tank with drip pan made from PE-100 helically wound pipe, custom-sized, with certificate acc. to the WHG § 19 and, if necessary, according to the regulations of DIBt including

    • needed accessories like ladder with platform, manhole, filling and withdrawal pipelines
    • measuring devices (overfill sensor, level sensor, leakage sensor)
    • agitator (if required)

  • Filling nozzle cabinet for automatic refilling of storage tank by means of tank truck coupling 

  • Chemical pump for transferring the chemicals into an operation tank or to the dosing station (if required)
  • Emergency shower with eye shower
  • Dosing station installed on skid made from galvanized steel or in weather-resistant cabinet (GRP sandwich design) with drip pan including leakage monitoring and certificated according to WHG § 19.The dosing station consists of

    • dosing pumps from  leading manufacturers (Grundfos, Prominent etc.)
    • necessary peripheral equipment (electromagnetic flow meter, pulsation damper, pressure loading valve, pressure relief valve etc.

  • Dosing pipelines (double-/single-walled)

  • switch and control cabinet for controlling and regulating of the whole station with all required components that are necessary for proper operation

    Dimensions: 1000x1000x300mm
    Power supply: 230/400V, 50Hz
    : SPS S7-314-2PN/DP Siemens
    Colourful graphical touch screen display, multi-lingual design

    Optionally with Profibus, Modbus or Ethernet connection

Some of the commissioned ALEBRO storage and dosing stations for chemical precipitation are listed under References, e.g. under